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TANGO XIX: And kneeling at the edge of the transparent sea I shall shape for myself a new heart from salt and mud by Anne Carson

  A wife is in the grip of being. Easy to say Why not give up on this? But let’s suppose your husband and a certain dark woman like to meet at a bar in early afternoon. Love is not conditional. Living is very conditional. The wife positions herself in an enclosed verandah across the […]

Rediscovered: “One cannot hide from the glare of one’s own writing”

I happened to stumble across this old article of mine from a few years ago. Since then, Arundhati Roy has published The Ministry of Utmost Happiness, which is at the top of my reading tower. Take the case of Arundhati Roy. Her first novel, The God of Small Things, won the Man Booker Prize in 1997, which brought […]

Domestic violence, male entitlement, and our too-tolerant systems

There have been many recent news items about domestic violence, awful cases where men wipe out their families or drive down the street in peaceful Toronto mowing down women, aiming for them in particular because of an imagined grievance and a load of self-entitlement, terrible, terrible stories of abuse and murder. I thought it was […]