Food in Revolution–A memoir of China by Xiaomei Martell

For those interested in the history of the Cultural Revolution, Lion’s Head, Four Happiness might disappoint. Like everyone in China, Martell’s family and neighbours were touched by Mao’s campaign. Red Guards, re-location and re-education all figure. But these events tend to be minimised, serving only to trigger associations with meals shared or missed out on or fantasised about.

Review: Muhajababes by Allegra Stratton

The experience of reading Muhajababes is like watching music videos. It’s all gloss, glitz and glamour. Stratton glibly observes that the battle between piety and secularism is being waged on television screens across the Middle East and that some women choose to wear the veil not out of religious devotion or as a political statement, but merely because it’s trendy.