Letter to Paul Carr (from a fan)


Dear Paul,

I happened to stumble across your 27 Dec post ”Popular down under.” To my delight, you printed the review I wrote about your book in The Courier-Mail (unattributed, but hey).

I happen to know several new media whores, but you are the funniest. The whole story is that I loved your book so much, I called up my editor and said, “This book deserves more than 250 words. Can’t we do a half page spread?” Well, you know editors; they have their own ideas.

Then I began recommending it around town. So far, to:

  • my husband
  • a German exchange student
  • all my new media whore friends
  • the guy on the bike next to me at the gym (where I was laughing out loud)
  • the guy from the next site at the Girraween camping ground (because he looked bored)
  • a friend who just broke up with her really bad new media whore boyfriend (for the laughs)

And, oh yeah, the owners of two independent bookshops—one in Melbourne, one in Brisbane—who often host writers events (since you sound like you’re as much fun in person as you are on the page). Let your publicist know an invitation down under is pending.

I’m a California girl, but spent years in NYC gallivanting through the early 90s a la Carrie Bradshaw, complete with wild mane, painful shoes and all the requisite relationship issues. I never had a fur coat, but I used to act like I did.  And now Brisbane. It’s true what they say about Australia: everything is upside-down. But you get used to walking on your hands. In spite of all that, we have plenty of great beaches, cool writers festivals and, oh yeah, an abundance of new media whores. Hope to see you here.

Signing off: your #1 Aussie fan and erstwhile reviewer,

Adair Jones

PS I hope you’re busy writing the screenplay. The book will make a great film—I just can’t figure out who should play you.

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