woman “I’ll Keep my Sea-Wall’d Garden” A young woman comes to terms with her mother’s  death and realises that the life of another may never be truly known. Published in Perilous Adventures, 2009.


Paul Vreeker's award winning photo One Hundred Points A desperate man’s personal protest becomes a force for change when it unites a community and highlights the unfairness of bureaucracy.  Published in One Book, Many Brisbanes 4, 2009.

Ba Hmong As it turned out, Ba Hmong wasn’t Hmong.  But nobody knew this.  Nobody knew where she came from and no one could remember when she arrived.  As far as anyone knew, she’d always been here.  A crazy old woman who’d wandered away from her people.  Or was driven out for being lunatic…

Pupa It slowly dawns on Carrie that her perfect life is breaking apart.

A tribute to Lorrie Moore, this short story was inspired by her story “How to be an other woman”.  The character of Carrie is mentioned in Moore’s story; Carrie’s revelation in “Pupa” provides one possible backstory to the events in “How to be an other woman”.


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