I’ve been contributing reviews to publications for many years–it’s one of the delights of my life.  Below is a selection of the reviews I’ve published on novels and short story collections.  The range is vast, from awful potboilers to the most magnificent fiction written today.  I never mind when I’m assigned a book I’d never choose on my own.  There is something to learn from every type of writing.

Almond, David: Clay

Baricco, Allessandro: An Illiad: A Story of War

Benioff, David: City of Thieves

Dai Sijie: Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress

Ghosh, Amitav: River of Smoke

Harris, Joanne: blueeyedboy

Mercurio, Jed: Ascent

Murray, Les: Fredy Neptune

Oates, Joyce Carol: A Widow’s Story

Roth, Philip: Exit Ghost

Sarvas, Mark: Harry, Revised

Saul, John: Call It Tender

Shriver, Lionel: A Perfectly Good Family

Stead, Elizabeth: The Sparrows of Edward Street

Winton, Tim: Breath


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