On Reading


Here you’ll find a selection of my articles and thoughts on literature.

Becoming a heroine: “Madame Bovary, c’est moi.”

Book by book

Books in our lives

Courting Gen Y—postmodernism run amok

Editing GROUP 5 (the literature issue)

Germaine Greer v the rhapsodists of bardolatry

Gorky in America

Guo Xingjian’s case for literature

Holiday reading

Infidelity in literature: landscapes with ghosts

Intellectual journeys:  books that changed lives

Leonard Woolf’s Defiant Virgins

Macquarie PEN Anthology of Australian Literature

Misery literature, publishing boom

On illness and reading

Patrick White—save me!


Tangled Memories

The Outsiders

The Sentimental Bloke: A surprise gift


  1. Hi Adair. Following a stimulating day of unblocking, and a stimulating night of dancing around a bonfire (at Northey Street City Farm for Solstice!), I’m left trying to remember that part of your blog that you pointed me towards – the part about reading. Sorry, I’m a bit tired and information-saturated. I just recall that you told me about it when I was saying: I don’t get around to reading much lately and I feel that’s my main inadequacy. I need something to “kick me up the arse” so to speak! Thanks again. Lisa and I were very pleased to be unblocked. It only took a gentle nudge.

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