Angry penguins, fakes, and other monsters

There is the person who writes. Someone much like you and me. Someone who sleeps, eats, works, gets bored, worries, cooks, shops, reads to his children, laughs, and gets headaches. And there is the ‘author’. This is someone who exists as a separate being on a higher plane. We think of him as descending occasionally to launch books or give interviews; otherwise, he exists in a place apart from the rest of us, breathing in the rarified air of inspiration, nibbling the manna of creativity, producing one beautifully crafted passage after another.

Writing: Inspiration

Inspiration never arrives on call, but bides its time and, when it does come, descends in a variety of guises. It may appear like a clap of thunder or a creeping mist, like a powerful tide or like the tiniest flutter of insect wings. We may not even recognize it immediately. It may only occur to us that we were under its influence after the cloud of energy has lifted, and we are left facing the result of our efforts.

Writing: Is SMS changing our language? Our brains? Our Identities?

Human beings are fundamentally creative. It’s hardwired into us. And while language gives us the ability to arrange knowledge in ways that lead to innovation, innovation in turn puts demands on the language. Of course, language will shift and change. It always has—and often for less compelling reasons than today’s revolution in mobile technology.